When thinking back on the Streamy Awards, the entire memory seems muddled in a haze of awkward. Don’t get me wrong; I am beyond glad that this award show now exists to bring recognition and respect to so many incredibly talented content creators who are overlooked by mainstream media. The Streamys have only been around for three years and before this, most awards for internet content did not ever leave the internet. The Streamys formalized the recognition of internet entertainment. Some wonderful artists were nominated for the first time last night and awards were given to people/shows that truly deserved them.

However, I’m not sure that the organizers of the Streamys entirely remembered that they were there to celebrate internet content.

The main musical performances (barring one medley by a collection of YouTube musicians) were put on by Boyce Avenue, Soulja Boy, and Vanilla Ice. The entire show was wrapped up with the song Ice Ice Baby. To be frank, I didn’t know Soulja Boy had more than one song and the audience didn’t seem to either. Grace Helbig tweeted a picture captioned “Soulja Boy. WHAT IS HAPPENING.” Tyler Oakley summed up the event in a final tweet of “Vanilla Ice is performing. The #Streamys in a nutshell.” That seems to be an accurate depiction.

Hank Green described the conflicted feel of the night in a Tumblr post stating that there seemed to be two sides of the matter: “’This is web video…why are we pretending like it’s a big deal.’ from the Hollywood types or ‘This is web video, why aren’t we having MORE FUN!’ from the actual internet people.” The entire thing was an uncomfortable mix of YouTubers who nearly forgot that the awards show came with a dress code (see Toby Turner’s latest vlog) and lower-tier B-list celebrities who seemed to feel as though they didn’t belong. The biggest “IRL celebrity” present was probably Felicia Day (sorry, Larry King and guy from True Blood/Summerland) and she garnered maybe 20 seconds of screen time throughout the whole event. Granted, Jackson Rathbone is in a web series and Lance Bass was in that one Todrick Hall video (here), but all in all it was pretty confusing as to what many of these people were doing there—and they looked as unsure as I felt.

Aside from the confliction of the particular event, I am glad that the Streamy Awards exist. It was a great night for the internet celebrities who survived it (I’m not 100% sure that Ashley Clements is still breathing after getting to present with George Takei) and brought another round of acknowledgment to many creative people. Chris Hardwick, the internet’s own Ryan Seacrest, was an incredible host (as always) and I would have liked for him to have had more stage time. The acceptance speeches were far more entertaining than those at any Hollywood awards shows. (Bless Missy Peregrym for the closing line of “I’m gonna go now, before I regret anything.”) Though Streamy seemed to forget that this was a night celebrating web media, those of us at home did not. Everything was made twice as entertaining for us at home by Leah Cornish and Melissa Anelli’s live-tweet coverage of the event on and anyone watching the livestream got to suffer through the sidebar comment stream of teenage boys repeatedly posting “MORTAL KOMBAT” over and over again. (On which Anelli commented, “Check out the beauty of free speech in the sidebar. It’s just like a running reel of YouTube comments. JUST. LIKE. IT.”) To everyone who lived through the ceremony without the aid of internet add-ons, you deserve a drink. The internet can be a crazy, confused, and controversial place sometimes—so I guess, in that way, the Streamys got it just right. To end it the way the awards ceremony did, “Word to your mother”. (I’m so glad they had Vanilla Ice to keep me culturally relevant.)

If you happened to swing by here for actual news on the Streamy Awards, such as who won, you can find the winners on their site here.



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